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Growth Strategy

I’ve spent over $20M profitably across Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more. If your brand needs help understanding where and how to allocate your media spend successfully with little waste, I’m here to help.

Content Strategy

Content is more relevant than ever for digital growth. The days of having poor creative work well is long gone. After getting over 12B+ views across our content, I know how to structure it to retain attention and convert customers. 

Agency Growth

I’ve owned two agencies at this point and sold one of them. I know what it takes to systematize and scale teams of 30+ creatives & media buyers to deliver results for DTC brands all the way to the Fortune 500. Only a few things matter in a service based model, and I’ll make that clear for you.

A little bit about  me…

I started my journey in entrepreneurship at 18 after dropping out of college and self taught digital marketing.

I then started a paid media & analytics firm and grew that over the next 24 months, ultimately leading to an exit.

Through that acquisition I became President & Co-Owner at Margle, a digital growth agency servicing Fortune 500 clients & DTC brands.

This led me to working with some of the biggest brands in the world, but I was left questioning what that would matter to the world in the long term.

That very thought is what guided me to Co-Founding Downstream Capital with my partner.

We’re a private equity firm that exists to do work that will matter 100 years from now by investing in companies that truly have a long term impact socially, culturally, or environmentally.

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I love to teach others as much as I'm a student of the game.

As a serial learner, I get enjoyment from the pursuit of knowledge. Equally as much, I love seeing those lightbulb moments in others when something that was once seemingly complex to them becomes easy. I’ve had the privilege of teaching at universities such as USC and Marquette multiple times on paid media, performance marketing, and creative that drives the DTC ecosystem.

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